NEW HEALING PACKAGE | Private Yoga, Guidance, Reiki

For those seeking the deep work of uncovering.  We have packaged together methods to assist in grounding into the physical body to unwrap trapped emotions, working through those released emotions with a guidance session and being able to balance the energetic body through Reiki. Sessions by Marnie. See below for Bio, more information on Reiki and Guidance.

Package includes:

  • 3 Private Yoga Classes

  • 1 Guidance Session

  • 1 Reiki Session

Package is $350 (a $65 Savings!)

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Reiki is an energetic healing channeled using the Universal Energy Field by a Reiki Practitioner used for healing of mind, body & spirit.  Reiki will rebalance your chakras individually and your chakra system as a whole.  Reiki can also channel energy to physical pain in need of healing.  Reiki can be given in person but Long Distance is just as affective as Reiki is not limited by Space or Time.

Reiki Sessions can be scheduled with Marnie Quinn or Mishel Wolfe, certified Usui Shiki Ryoho Masters.  Please check out their bios below to see who you align with for your Reiki Session. 

In a session the Masters will channel in their guides and higher selves as well as yours to assist in the healing of your physical, energetic & emotional bodies.  A session may include:

  • Crystal Assistance

  • Cord Cutting

  • Psychic Surgery

  • Womb Clearing

  • Shamanic Clearing or Journeying


  • Reiki 30 min $60

  • Reiki 60 min $95

    • 5 Session pack Available for $375 (save $100!)

  • Reiki 90 min $125

    • 5 Session pack Available for $500 (save $125!)



  • GUIDANCE SESSION: Are you in a space where active listening and high level questioning will be you greater understanding within? There are times on our path where our clarity gets cloudy, or we are new to our path and everything seems turned upside down. This is when guidance and reflection from another can give us great support, healing and assist us in achieving great strides in our lives. Sessions are 55 mins at $95. 5 Session Pack is $375 saving you $100!

  • CORD CUTTING $45 - Safely remove and repair etheric cords that are no longer serving your highest path and purpose. (etheric cords act like hoses, with energy directed back and forth between both people. some are beneficial and nourish us, others drain us of vital energy)

  • SPACE CLEARING SESSION - Starting at $95 (depending on size of space and what will be required...may include some crystals.  Price will be agreed to before scheduling)

  • HIGH FREQUENCY DEVICE ADD ON OR SESSION - $25 for each 10 min, (one area is complete in under 10min, usually can hit multiple areas in 10min). Can be used for skin (wrinkles, blemishes, sunspots, eczema, psoriasis, scars, varicose veins, etc), for pain (arthritis, stiffness, inflammation etc), for hair loss, for headaches, for colds and much much more.


*Note 24 hour cancellation




MARNIE QUINN - Usui Reiki Master Teacher

Marnie has worked in other realms since she was a child.  She grew up talking to plants & spirits & ascended Masters.  Though as she got older she had to dim her light to fit in, to be taken seriously and be “successful” in the world.  It took a massive life change for her to reawaken to her gifts and to remember who she is and why she is here.

Marnie works with the upper dimensional levels, she accesses Benevolent Spirits and Guides in her sessions to assist clients with whatever is ailing them.  Marnie is an alchemist of practices and depending on what the client needs she will tap into several modalities she is trained in.  A session could include: crystal healing, shamanic journeying, entity release, cord cutting, womb clearing and healing, guidance from ancestors or Guides from other realms, locations and times may come through.  Marnie has been trained to let her Intuition guide her and her practice is to surrender self when calling in the Universal Healing Energy. 

Forever a student, Marnie is always learning, reading, researching and growing in ways to not only do her self work but to assist in transmuting, clearing, healing and Guiding the collective in this mass awakening.  She believes that all healing must start at the Spiritual level before we are able to ever heal an emotional or physical ailment.  Our bodies (physical, mental, emotional and etheric) are seeking balance for optimum performance and health.  If one is out it will impact the others.  It is important to continuously work on all of these bodies on our path of ascension.  Marnie has a gift in igniting the healer within through active listening and high level questioning.

Marnie is a life long dancer, beginning her ballet training at the age of 2, she began teaching dance at the age of 18. Even while she worked in NYC in Fashion she never stopped dancing. She attended the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and has a nutrition certificate through them as well as tools for offering transformational guidance.


MISHEL WOLFE - Usui Reiki Master Teacher

Mishel began her journey with Reiki as a means to self-healing. She quickly realized that this was something to be shared with as many people as possible. Guided by her intuition, she began tapping into Master level Reiki practices even before being attuned to the Master level. She has always been a “seer” and has looked into other realms, life times, and dimensions since she was a young child, although she did not always understand what it was. As a Reiki practitioner she can frequently tap into those energies of the person she is working on. As part of a regular Reiki session, she may cut chords, and activate or clear out blockages in the astral body, the chakra systems, meridians, etc. In many of her early sessions, she discovered that she was being called to transmute lower frequencies sending them into the light. Specifically she has the gift of transmuting dark and dense energies associated with sexual and ritual (religious/ spiritual/ occult) abuses, hexes, poison arrows, other forms of dark magic, and cutting of chords attached to lower frequency entities whenever possible.  

Mishel believes that people have the ability to heal themselves but sometimes guidance/ facilitation can be beneficial in the process. This is the reason that she feels so strongly about being a Reiki practitioner. She firmly advocates that everyone must do his or her own work.  She cannot “take” anything away from a person if they are not willing or ready to let it go. She encourages the recipient to sit with and unpack any messages, images, and impressions that may come through in a session and offers assistance in integration.