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Anchoring the Light : Hummingbird Wisdom Weekend Immersion

Anchoring the Light with Annie Hummingbird. This wisdom keeper has stories gathered across many tribes, traditions & lineages.  As we bridge into the Age of Aquarius she believes we must share our Wisdom and pass it along. 

We will share resonating songs with grandmother drum and use our voices to ripple out vibrations through the ethers. We will learn and participate in a Land Healing Ceremony to relieve the land of toxicity as well as resonating healing throughout the neighboring communities and our town.   

This two day immersion will revitalize, rejuvenate and invigorate your inner self to remember why we are here. To remember the vibration we carry is everything and how to amplify it with these reminders and teachings. 

Included in this Retreat:

  • Yoga (yoga is optional but included.  starts at 10:30am each day)
  • Sacred Foods (2 meals each day)
  • Sacred Song 
  • Ancient Wisdom
  • Shamanic Drumming
  • Altar Creation
  • Moon Ceremony (7p - 9p Saturday)
  • Land Blessing & Healing and soooooo much more..... 

Bring any tools of empowerment you would like to use as instruments of sound and crystals  and fetishes to be blessed on the altar during our time together.  We will gather in community to absorb the knowledge of the ancient ones we invite into share and lead us through the weekend. Experience profound connection with Source inside a safe container amongst soul family. We look forward to holding space with you. 

Led by Annie "Hummingbird" 


We are offering Hummingbird’s Gifts & Wisdom Two Day Package $350

Saturday Only $250 (includes Moon Ceremony 7p - 9p )

Sunday Only $150

Saturday Moon Ceremony Only $35  (please register for separate event!)