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Holding Space | Keys to Active Listening

What does it mean to hold space? What does it mean to actively listen?

How can I learn to ask questions that inspire thought provoking answers or a seed of contemplation?

It is rare that we are taught to actually listen. Most of what happens out in the world is letting someone speak, then waiting your turn to speak and back and forth without really listening to someone. A tit for tat exchange. Even if we feel like we know how to listen, what does it mean to ACTIVELY LISTEN. What are the cues and responses in Active Listening? What kind of Questions can I ask others to dig in and get to the root of things? What are the Questions I can ask myself when my triggers arise?

In this workshop we will dive into the following:

  • What Active Listening looks like

  • Preparing ourselves and others for difficult conversations

  • Asking high Level questions – examples and practice

  • Holding Space when someone is emotional

  • Moving past triggers and finding a space of response

Unveiling how to show up for others as a healer, a teacher, or in your own personal relationships. Shifting into Active Listening will truly transform your life!

Pre-Register: $40 | Day of: $44 

Led by Marnie