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Napfest 2019: A Day Retreat for Soulful Parents

Do you wish you had time to rest and relax?  

Do your kids have trouble winding down in general or winding down for sleep?

Do you want to experience more magic in your family life?

Do you need a vacation *from* your summer vacation?

        Parenting is exhausting….Let’s get *you* a nap!

Asha Chhabildas Bayer (educator, yoga & mindfulness teacher) is hosting a rejuvenating Day Retreat, just for parents & caregivers where *you* finally get to be the one to take a nap! (seriously!)

  • Balance your nervous system through a gentle and healing yoga sequence

  • Experience the art of transformational sleep (an ancient sleep-based meditation)

  • Enjoy a nourishing and tasty snack 

  • Discover a Waldorf inspired, mindfulness program that brings parents and kids closer, while also getting everyone more rest and relaxation! Win-Win!

  • Learn about other opportunities to deepen into the art of self-nurturing on your parenting journey 

What to Wear

·       Wear comfortable layered clothing, that you can easily move *and* sleep in. 

What to Bring

  • journal

  • water bottle

More about Transformational Sleep (Yoga Nidra)

Yoga Nidra has been described as conscious sleep or yogic sleep. After a short sequence of gentle physical postures, we just--- lie--- down and let go. The rest is rest. 

Using an ancient sleep-based meditation technique – you’ll be guided to the deepest levels of relaxation where your body and mind are effortlessly enveloped in peace and profound stillness.  Yoga Nidra mitigates the chronic effects of stress on the nervous system, by removing cortisol while increasing GABA, melatonin, serotonin and dopamine. 

But there’s something beyond the science of the experience that is almost indescribable. This practice unlocks the mystical integrative powers of the subconscious, connects you to your deepest dreams, and it has been said by yogis that just 40 minutes is as restorative as 3 hours of sleep.

About Asha

A longtime student of educational philosophy, psychology and the healing arts, it was natural that Asha Chhabildas Bayer would fall in love with studying the science behind yoga. Drawing on a variety of professional experiences, she provides engaging and integrated programs born out of love and designed through evidence-based research. Her offerings are simple and enjoyable, yet they also house the potential for profound transformation.

Asha is the founder of Big Sky Full of Stars LLC and teaches yoga in studio, corporate and school settings. As much as she loves working with younger audiences, now that she *is* a mama, she realizes the power of women’s circles and nurturing the nurturer! 

Asha studied yoga in Florida, Colorado and India (That’s right folks, India. So you know she’s gonna be a legit teacher). She’s also a Reiki Master and a jokemonger. Asha practices conscious sleep daily, and when in the waking state, she enjoys art, spending time outdoors and making people laugh! 

Register Early! This event will sell out! 


$20 Early Bird; $25 Day-of Pricing 


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