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Tai Chi with Cody

Tai Chi and Qigong are ancient Chinese systems of mindful movement, breath exercises and meditation used to cultivate Qi (pronounced “Chi”), or life force energy.

With the nurturing of Qi, strength and vitality of the mind, body, and spirit are achieved. 

About Cody:
Cody is a Five-Element acupuncturist who has been passionate about Chinese martial and healing arts since he took his first classes in 2003. He has since trained in several martial and healing styles, but has always come back to tai chi—deeply informed by Chinese medicine—as one of the best ways to cultivate energetic clarity, sensitivity, health, and subtle skill.

He offers his students clear, playful, and compassionate instruction with heavy emphasis on the fundamentals of posture, breath, mindfulness and sensitivity in tai chi movement.

Class is $15 Drop In or regular class passes