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Yoga Nidra Workshop

Are you burned out, seeking change or just plain tired of being tired? Come find out how adding “non-doing” to your to-do list can help.

 This is the perfect workshop for people who are looking for an effortless way to add restorative practices to their self-care routine and for anyone who wants to sleep better or help their loved ones sleep better. (Spoiler Alert: my hyperactive 6-year old still takes naps! And I want to share this magic with you and yours!)

During the Workshop you will:

·       Practice Yoga Nidra, one of the easiest and most effective meditation practices.

·       Learn to tell the simple yet powerful Sleep Story, entitled “Going to the Moon.” 

·       Leave with Sleep Story script cards and the “Going to the Moon” audio recording.

Wait, What the Heck is a “Sleep Story??”

A Sleep Story is designed to help listeners of any age relax and fall into a deep sleep, naturally, while the story is still being told. The practice of telling the Sleep Story, “Going to the Moon,” provides a warm and nurturing element to the ritual of sleep, thereby promoting a sense of well-being for both participants, while also strengthening relationships between the storyteller and the listener(s).   

More about Yoga Nidra (Psychic Sleep)

After 15 minutes of gentle physical postures, we just--- lie--- down. Sounds amazing, doesn’t it?! That’s because it IS! During this extended savasana, we’ll use a series of breath, body and awareness techniques to guide the brainwaves down towards sleep states, where we naturally begin to find distance from our thoughts.

If you have trouble enjoying a seated meditation, you might just love this. You can’t do it wrong, and most participants experience deep relaxation and profound healing. It has been said that 40 minutes of Yoga Nidra is as restorative as 3 hours of sleep.

 About Asha:

Throughout her career, Asha has supported people of all ages in hospital, museum and school settings. 

She currently teaches yoga at Ceremony and at the Denver School of Science and Technology and sees the role of teaching as an opportunity to deepen her own experience of yoga.

Asha studied yoga in Florida, Colorado and India (That’s right folks, India. So you know she’s gonna be a legit teacher). She’s also a Reiki Master and a jokemonger.  If that wasn’t enough, in 2018 she graduated from a Waldorf inspired Teaching Program and received her Early Childhood Teaching Certificate. Asha practices conscious sleep daily, and when in the waking state, she enjoys art, spending time outdoors and making people laugh!

Early Bird: $30, Day Of: $35

DOORS CLOSE AT TIME OF CLASS, please arrive early to check in and settle into the space