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Infinite Abundance Workshop: Clearing Abundance Blocks

What if you knew you were abundant at all times? And even deeper, you were able to own this at such a deep level to always know you were more than enough and to continually attract consistent abundance in your life? Who would you be and how would you show up in every moment?

As part of this, what is your relationship with money like? How do you treat it? How does it treat you? And, when you were growing up, what was your and your parents’ relationship like with it? For example, you might think you like money, but if you witnessed your parents fighting over money, you might have an underlying subconscious block that stops you from having true abundance.

In today’s workshop, through deep work, exercises and powerful tools, we’ll identify and examine some of your subconscious and unconscious abundance blocks. These are the layers that stop us from having the abundance we so desire and deserve while knowing there’s more than enough (and we’re more than enough!) in all areas of our lives. As part of this, get ready to:

- To shift your money story, not just what you learned growing up, 
but also the way to spend + save money from an abundant mindset
- To break through your income ceiling
- Plus, you'll learn a ton of tools and techniques you can use to
begin to start creating more money in your life instantaneously! 

You’ll leave feeling positive, open and clear, ready to own your infinite abundance!

$35 // $30 Early Bird 

Led by Deb Acker

Earlier Event: July 29
Tarot Circle