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Chakra Vortices : Energetics Revealed

If you find yourself questioning how you feel or challenged by consistent pain with no tangible reason join us for this wellness learning class. We will explore chakras, torus field and energetic anatomy of the human field. Learn about energy pathways and the profound effect they have on our casual / physical and subtle / energetic body. Our energy lines are comprised of channels called nadis and chakras within our etheric field. These channels directly effect our wellbeing, mental health and overall outlook on life. Understand common ailments, deficiency or excess of energy in specific chakras and abilities to recognize and bring back into balance. This class is for anyone interested in learning more about energetics in regard to health and wellbeing.

day of $25 early bird $20

Earlier Event: August 18
Cacao Ceremony
Later Event: August 25
Tarot Circle