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Creative Art Process & Dream Workshops : "Spirit Tools"

Spirit Tool Creation - Making a "Nothing" Notebook.

During the Creative Art Process & Dreaming classes, we will explore dream and meditation symbols to assist in remembering and processing personal dreams. The class will explore the methodology Creative Art Process & Dreaming, what my people call a “Spirit Tool” using various art mediums to further explore the dreamtime. Art can also be an avenue to befriend and make peace with our personal Shadow. Recording dreams and symbols through journal time can assist one to remember their dreams a form of recapitulation to aid in personal healing.

Materials to Bring:

  • Three ring note book 
  • pretty cloth material to cover notebook
  • items you would like to adorn your book with (flowers, beads, ribbons etc)

Materials Provided:

  • scissors & glue
  • adornment (feathers etc)
  • colored pens/pencils
  • craft paper


Carolyn Martell is Native American, Chippewa, she comes from along line of Shamans the "Midewiwin Medicine Society" and through the course of many years she has discovered her Native American heritage and spiritual practices hold a very ancient methodology to promote mental, emotional, physical and spiritual healing. As a Intuit, Seer, healer, she utilizes her people's ceremony ritual practices to promote health, wellness and wholeness. The Chippewa tribe are “Dreamers” and utilize recapitulation as a tool, a method to explore and review personal life experiences to promote healing. Many of her people are holders of animal medicine as guides, allies, as a tribe we are very connected to Mother Earth and her animal kingdom to assist during dreamtime. As a wounded healer through the course of her own personal healing journey to overcome historical trauma, shadow work, recording dream symbols, journaling, creative art process are the “Spirit Tools” she used to find personal healing. She promotes mindfulness and meditation which is a personal vision quest to discover personal self actualization and to raise ones level of awareness to overcome trauma.

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