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Sacred Womb Circle

Reclaim your Power.  Remember the Sacred Feminine Gifts we are bestowed.  Reclaim the Divine Feminine in You. 

Our Wombs are our Power & Creative centers.  Our current society does not honor our unique gifts that make us women, we aren't connected to our wombs or our cycles and we can tend to feel annoyed by our monthly flow.  We are coming together to reclaim our Feminine Power.  To remember and honor the power of our wombs and our cycles and be Revered again.    

Join us in Sacred Circle to receive a Womb Healing, a Womb Blessing, the Munay Ki Rite of the Womb, learn how to connect to and use your Moon Cycles and a discussion on Sacred Sexuality.  


You do not need to currently have blood cycles or a womb to be a part of this circle. All women are welcome.

Led by Mishel & Marnie