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A Family that LOVES: Finding Compassion with Siberian Shaman Diana

"Creating a Family That Knows How to LOVE: Daily Practices to Build Compassion" workshop. We will learn about the roles that we play in group and family settings, and how these roles are automatic reactions to different group dynamics. By being able to recognize our patterns, the patterns of our loved ones, we will develop more understanding, compassion, and better communication with friends, families, and our families of choice.

free childcare during the workshop. 

2 -4 pm
$35 for adults
$20 if under 25 years old
FREE for children 12 and younger

Diana is an International Women’s coach, consultant, and author of the unique program - Sacred Sites Travel. She is the founder of the International Women’s Association «DAOIN» in 8 countries, author of the method “How to create the Mandala of a successful life”. She is a special TV guest in the US, Europe and Latin America, as well as a participant at international festivals and conferences about women’s health and personal development.

Diana has spent the last 15 years helping women to create harmony in relationships, develop their talents, maximize the use of their resources, and overcome many health problems. Since 2008 Diane has aided  charitable projects that support women and children that are sick or disadvantaged, as well as people who are victims of of terrorism and violence. Diana’s mission is to help women to believe in themselves, and to find fulfillment and happiness!