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Dream Workshop

  • Ceremony 7269 Lowell Boulevard Westminster, CO, 80030 United States (map)

No dream ever comes to tell us what we already know.  

Dreams are for our benefit.  They carry energies of metaphor and symbol that are the language of the soul and keys to our healing.  Dreams carry subtle or startling suggestions how we might become more whole.  "Dreams are like a magic mirror that never lies” and reflect the deepest truth of our lives.

 What might your higher self be saying to you through your dreams? What might be the next step your spirit is dreaming you to take in your journey? Gather at Ceremony June 16th for a dream workshop and find out.  

In this workshop, we will wander slowly and artfully through the mysteries of the dream world.  We will meet “council” style to set a container-- a way of gathering to deeply listen and be present to one another rather than give advice, save, fix, or rescue.  Each participant will have an opportunity to enter the wilds of the dream world and share a dream in the first person.  A trained dreamwork guide will help you deepen into the experience of the dream and what it might be saying to you.   One or two volunteers may be asked to share what they are curious about in your dream.  Please note we will shy away from other people interpreting your dream for you.  The only person who can interpret the “Aha!” of a dream is the dreamer.  

Every dream emerges from mystery and offers the opportunity for the conscious self, our ego, to be further initiated into the secret stream of a deeper life.

            Remember . . . the entrance to the sanctuary is inside you.    –Rumi

            I have been a seeker and I still am, but I have stopped asking the books and the stars.  I started listening to the teaching of my soul.  –Rumi

            Time to go into the dark where the night has eyes to recognize its own.  There you can be sure you are not beyond love.  -David Whyte


Dan Dolquist has spent the last twenty-five years cultivating people and organizations in spiritual growth and development. His doctoral work is in cultivating imagination and transformation, and he is the author of the 2014 book “Being Here: Mindfulness and the Practice of Presence.”  His passion is working with people in their deepest calling and purpose.  He loves the intersection of the soul speaking through dreams, our wholeness, and what makes us truly come alive.  Dan is a trained nature-based human development guide by Bill Plotkin and the Animas Valley Institute. 

Pre-Register $30, Day of $35

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