polarity flip : from fear to love

every time you see something out there that inspires anger or fear, something someone says, shares or is presented on the news, allow yourself to see it as its presented, sit with it, then turn it 180 degrees. the power of our consciousness and visualization can actually create the opposite to be true.

The ocean is full of plastic - visualize it clear & clean and healthy. The great barrier reef dying - visualize it thriving, growing, completely healthy. People harming others - visualize humans being kind and loving to each other.

That is where we hold the power. The more we spend energy on the fear, the more we create it. If we can flip our fear to visualizing solutions, visualizing humans/the earth thriving the more we create that.

this is how we can flip the script. this is how we can begin to change. this is how our collective consciousness starts to raise in vibration.  this is co-creation.