Activations & Reactivations

Our activations come in the unlikeliest places and times. Spirit leads us to

The fountain yet we are the ones who must drink. If we follow the ease and alignment in our lives, and have been practicing this, we know to follow even though we do not know what will come.  Each time we are given new tokens, perhaps more information on previous guidance, more of our vision and purpose, or intersection of a new person place or thing will ignite and/ore activate dormant gifts. 

The more we sip from the fountain, the more we are nourished by it. The more sources we find of this fountain of wisdom. 

Our integration times are key to our reactivations. They are AS important and our upward spirals. We must practice, integrate & align for us to reach our next gate. 

Anyone who tells us differently is selling us snake oil. 

This path is hard. And at times very dark. Do not fear the darkness. You are the light that transforms it. If you ignore it, it grows. And then the dust settles and you realize the Light is brighter than you have ever noticed before. 

Thank you dear ones. You are the catalyst for your unique purpose but also for the purpose of the alliance of Light. We all need each other. Support those that you can. Do not enable. Have strict boundaries. And give aid to those when the dark is feeling too much. Remember, we all must face this side, and when we are in it we need all the help we can get.