full moon invocation

I call Harmony into my life and into all aspects of my being. I call in organization of my etheric & energetic fields. I call all fragments back in to center, back into full alignment. I call in balance of all opposing forces in my life in myself and in the universe. With this full moon I command all lower frequencies, densities, spells, manipulations out of my field. I call in only Light. I call up my shadow self for healing. As we prepare for the dark half of the year I call in clarity on what needs to be faced to be healed, to be nurtured and transformed into Light. I am surrounded by Light. And Only Light is allowed in my field. In the infinite Now through all space and time and all dimensions I embody alignment, harmony, beauty, strength, grace, softness and my fullest self. I Am all that I AM. And so it is. And it is so. Happy Full Moon Loves ❤️ go burn off some shit in the sacred fire 🔥😘