you are the one you've been waiting for

There's no one that's coming to rescue you. To do it for you. Or that will all of sudden bring you what you feel you are missing. The only person who can do any of this is You. There is no short cut. There is nothing you can buy or trip you can take. Its up to you. All of this, your life, your joy, your pain, your sorrow is yours. Your responsibility. It's with every choice you make. Every thought you think. Everything you decide to carry. 
You can take inventory at any moment and constantly. Is this working for me? Am I living the life I want to be living? How do I feel most of my day?

Start making changes with your thoughts, your actions, maybe even bigger things like your career or your relationship. Treat this moment like it's the most important you will ever have.

Nothing else exists but NOW. And joy resides WITHIN you. Nothing external can change it, can make it go away when you have it or bring it to you when you don't. It's all up to you.