the fulcrum between two realities

As we enter this new Era, the Golden Age, the Age of Aquarius, the Matriarchy, we will come into balance - the masculine and feminine - we will connect more to the Mother, we will honor her cycles as well as getting reacquainted with all the cycles that humans naturally have that we have lost touch with or labeled a "curse". We will honor the ebb and flow of life. The Cycle. The Spiral. We will come to know that nothing is linear. That time is not linear. That evolution is not linear.

Humans will not only be more intune with themselves, but with eachother and with Mother Nature. And because of this there will be massive healing all around.

Have no fear. Its coming, whether you believe it or not. Whether you resist it or not. Whether you stay around for it or not.

If you desire to be in an Earth Body and a part of this, wow, its going to be something. Many souls want to incarnate now for its the most exciting time on Earth. If you wish to leave, don't worry, you will leave, and a soul that is ready for this age will step in.

What a time to be in an Earth Body. We are so fortunate.