spiritual house work

if there is only one thing you decide to do everyday may it be the cleaning up of your thoughts. Every thought you have is a vibration that is sent out to the universe and boomerangs back to you. Everything that is happening in your life is because of something you thought or needed. If what is around you is not making you feel joy, check your thoughts. Can you shift them to a place of love and gratitude?

This work is constant. It can be tough at first but its like building a muscle, the more you do it the stronger you get.

When your thoughts shift to a higher vibration more begins to "work" around you (it was always working... it just comes with more ease at a higher vibration).

Your thoughts are your conversation with the Universe on what you want more of.

Your thoughts are your laundry list of everything you want in your life.

Your thoughts are your request from the menu at the restaurant on what you'd like to order (thank you Adi for the analogy).

If you want to experience HEAVEN ON EARTH the road is built by every thought you think. Now that is magic. xoxox