living intentionally

A goal is to be fully intentional. This in theory is pure beauty. But in reality intention brings up the root causes of why we do the things we do. Where our actions and reactions come from. "Because I want to feel good". "Because I want to live life to the fullest". Okay yes. But why do you want to feel good? Is there something that you are missing inside that is causing you to want to feel good?

This work of being intentional can really bring up some deep seeded shit. Our deepest. As well as bringing awareness to constructs and patterning. It is not simple. Nor easy. Or for the lighthearted. It is scary and hard and can cause us to want to hide.

But imagine how you feel after all this stuff is out of you. Imagine what it feels like to have awareness about your actions, reactions & patterning. Imagine what it's like to be intentional from a balanced place.

That is freedom. That is Love. That is where we find bliss.

That my loves is why we do this work. 🙏🏼❤️🌈