internal Guidance

Allow yourself to receive messages and guidance without using your left brain to filter or "understand". You will get the pieces you need to move forward when you need them. We do not receive the whole picture of anything. Just what we need to take action. It's in the taking action that more information or "signs" will come to you. Devote yourself to witnessing and acting and everything keeps unfolding for you.

Don't wait for the whole Big Picture of Purpose. Act on the small steps that are taking you there.

And some images/messages/guidance you receive you will not decipher until potentially years later.

Things are still unfolding for me that I saw as a child. And years ago.

See it as a game and it will become fun for you.

Enjoy the ride! This is quite the time to be alive. And now is when the Universe needs us to act!! And we thank you for being courageous and walking this path! ⭐️🙏🏼⭐️