heal thyself | healthy self

with every drink, bite, breath, movement we could be doing something that assists us in healing ourselves, or we could be harming ourselves more. every thought, word, action can be healing or harming. are you drinking coffee? or herbs to assist your system? are you eating vegetables or processed foods?

to many this is a buzz kill. they want to "live life" and not worry about what they do. but not being intentional in the present is actually robbing our own future.

imagine your body, that is fully supported in health and healing. imagine your mind that is loving, gentle and kind to you and others. imagine a reality where life, your vessel, your relationships are all benefitting your highest self, your highest good, your highest health.

it begins right now. with every thought, word and action.

drink water/teas, eat your vegetables, move your body, assist your health with herbs and oils, clean up your mind and words.

its time to be responsible for yourself and your life.

and you don't have to be strict, I don't believe in that, I believe in longevity and fluidity and being intentional.