BEing the Way

Allow people their path. Allow people their way. Accept that everyone is doing exactly what they need to do to learn in this life. We must all learn for ourselves by ourselves. We cannot keep people from what they need to learn and the way they need to learn.

The only thing we can do is Be an example. Walk our way. Learn our lessons. Do our work. Show up for ourselves. Allow our own life to unfold as it should.

When it comes to others Allow, Accept, unconditionally love, have compassion and grace. And Forgive.

Use our voices for our own path and lessons. Otherwise it's really none of our business.

We have this idea that we can help people. And a lot of that is a diversion and a distraction from our own work.

How can we help? By Being an example. And that doesn't mean talking about how good we are at it or pointing out when we "think" someone is making a mistake.

This takes discipline. This takes focus. This takes awareness. And this takes time.

Practice. And then have patience and compassion.

The best thing we can do for others is trust them and their path and allow and accept them for what they need to learn and where they're at.