transmutation of negative to positive

A positive can never result from a negative. Like attracts like. For a positive to result from a negative it must be transmuted into positive.

i.e. work must be done

War won’t solve the problem. 
Fighting doesn’t solve a problem. 
More separation doesn’t solve a problem.

The only way through is transmutation.  

If one is experiencing emotions on the negative end of the spectrum the work is to move the needle to the positive.

We are human to experience the complete range of emotions. No other place can we experience this. So feel the range. Experience it. But the work is to find the middle and be in Harmony & Resonance.

We must also honor where we are at on any given day and where other people are at. We’re all in different incarnations with different lessons and different experiences. There is no one way or one time to do this. It won’t be done all at once with a Savior. The work has to be done gradually all in our own time. And we can’t get out of doing the work. If you have heavy karma you might have to suffer catastrophe to transmute some of that density. Know that all happens for us on this upward spiral. 🌀🌀🌀