perspective changes experience

My experience of you is on me.

Your experience of me is on you.

It doesn't matter to me how you experience me. It only matters to me how I experience you. for that is the only thing I can change, adjust and learn from.

It is liberating to know that we cannot do anything to change another's experience of ourselves. We are not in charge of that and its none of our business.

If I can change my experience of others to be a place of unconditional love and compassion then how amazing is that? Then it doesn't matter what anyone thinks, feels or experiences of me. That's their perspective and their experience.  My perspective and experience is a choice and is a reflection of my polarity.  I can choose to feel that person vibrationally or I can react to the words they are throwing out.  I can choose to give and share love to them no matter what is being thrown at me.  The world I then inhabit calls in more clarity of vision and taps into stronger vibrational feeling.  The more awareness I have of my own perspective the more unattached I become to the individual perspective I possess.  So that filter gets father away and becomes less of an influence on what I am able to experience.  and because this path isn't linear the filter isn't floating away in relationship to time and work, it is getting really far, then coming back in tight when there is work to do.