living in the love vibration

How do we hold our vibration no matter what happens around us? No matter what is thrown at us? How do we find balance, and neutrality and remain there? We don't get to live in a cave. We must be a part of society. But what do we need to practice to be unwavering?

Compassion. For ourselves & others. 
Non judgement
Non attachment
Unconditional love ❤️

These are the attributes of Christ Consciousness. 
This is how we are able to hold a Love vibration. This is the path of neutrality. 
And we have had this knowledge for thousands of years but it's been wrapped up in fear and power and control.

Part of the Great Awakening is self emPOWERment and emBODYment where we need nothing outside of ourselves. We can walk The Way, we are Creator/Source/God. We are all One. What is done to you is done to me.

We are being reborn to this great wisdom. Seeing everything, the world, ourselves, in a new light. We are co-creating The Golden Age. ✨