harmony of contrasts

The warrior. The activist. the pacifist. Each one of us has an important role on this Earth. No one more important than the other, but all necessary in our Divine Dance of Balance.

When we listen to our hearts and align with our soul's purpose we can then fulfill our role in this Dance. Our role in helping to create Harmony on this earth.

We cannot expect or ask all humans to be just one of these. we have a tendency to want to project the role we deem important on another. I am an activist, you should be too. I am a warrior, you should be too. I am a pacifist you should be too...

We need the contrasts. It is the only way we learn, and our only way of truly knowing a thing is to also know it's contrast. Growth is not obtained from homogeny.

Are you following your heart? Are you aligning with self and soul? Are you fulfilling a role that you feel you should fill? You will have much more success in life when you are following your unique purpose rather than following the "shoulds" of this world.

Honor your heart. Honor your Unique and Divine Purpose. The world 100% needs you to be that.