"As strange as it may sound, the concept of Ceremony came to me in a dream.  In December of 2015 I went to bed with the knowledge that my rent controlled apartment building in Williamsburg, Brooklyn was being sold.  With no place to live, before I fell asleep I asked for a clear sign on my next step.  I awoke with a very clear vision of Ceremony: a center for healing in my Grandfather's old pharmacy, a building he built with the intention of creating a health center in an area that was lacking good health care at the time.  It was like I was stepping in the future and seeing everything complete and full of a community of people, in a place years ago that was constructed for the purpose of healing the community it served.  Talk about Kismet......"  

~  Marnie Quinn - Owner

Our Story - Owner, Marnie Quinn as interviewed by Geraldine Convento


Who we are: 

We are a place built upon ancient healing philosophies in a space with history.  We are a team of beautiful people all with the intention of serving others.  We are a place where you can learn to manage life’s stresses big and small by going within and reconnecting to yourself.  A place to find a community of like-minded individuals with whom you can connect deeply and receive support.  We are a place where you enter and you feel at home.  A place of co-creation.  Where you trust that everyone here has a similar intention.  Where you feel safe to be all of you.  Where you are fully accepted and loved.  A place that encourages you to simply BE WHO YOU ARE.  Where you trust that the services and products offered are responsible, holistic, clean and healthy. 

This is where real Joy, purpose and passion can come to you. This is a place for the work, for personal growth and where we as a community can do the work together.

 This is Ceremony.

We offer a range of classes and healing modalities from Reiki sessions to yoga to meditation to sound bathing to classes on essential oils, and more.  We are a constantly evolving eco-system with new exciting things happening all the time.  Check out our schedule and events to see what's happening!